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Football has lost all that made it truely captivating, no?

In short this is a brilliant film about the greatest ever footballer to date.

I have the dvd and have just watched the main feature. I think football lost the only naturally gifted player that made it truely captivating and intelligent when Zidane retired. This film is brilliant because when I watched any match with Zidane playing - my attention would naturally be drawn to him anyway since he seems to let situations unfold before him and then react when he feels he has something useful to contribute. Like someone who lets other people do all the talking then says something very witty even if it might end up shutting them all up. The way he moves on the field not really chasing everything frantically aimlessley - ceasing his moments and allowing his mind to think completely differently to the other players. No wonder he smoked cigarettes and got so frustrated with some of the players on the field from time to time reletively he was mostly dealing with a bunch of complete idiots. The film captures Zidane smiling with Carlos during a break in play - they seem fairly close just from this brief moment even though they are complete opposites of each other physically - they both have natural gifts of intelligence and ability and used them to astound us on the field with their playmaking genius - this is why Zidane feels happy to share the moment with him - they are on the same level. What also makes him captivating is his pride and honesty to his feelings- he tells the referee “you should be ashamed” at one point. He grabs the throat of his rival as a physical expression of his inner anger at the situation but holds back from battering him when Beckham attempts to restrain him (showing respect for his team mates) he really doesn’t care what the decision of the ref is going to be - he already thinks he’s a waste of space and he has done as he felt - just like in his very last game he was insulted and he chose to react physically regardless of the magnitude of the situation (the world cup final) he stayed true to himself and his set of principles on the field which sometimes meant going beyond what the rules of the game allow - that’s what made him brilliant for me - the fact that he stuck to his principles on the field no matter what.


I feel about Zidane pretty much just like you said. I started watching football after I saw him play in the World Cup of 1998. He was the king of the field every time he stepped on it. In some ways he was beyond football, with supreme talent and true passion for it. His short temper was his only weakness, without it he had been perfect. There hasn't been a player like him since.

The film let me down though. Even though it represented the magic of Zidane quite well, it just felt pretentious.

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"I think football lost the only naturally gifted player that made it truely captivating and intelligent when Zidane retired."

One word . . . . Messi.

More words . . . The boy is very different to Zidane but, like Zidane he makes football seem like an art.


Messi is todays Zidane in terms of footballing ability. But there's so much more to it than just that, Zidane exuded with passion and made the game seem beautiful, almost like an art form.

Messi is an amazing player, but he doesn't encompass all the other qualities Zidane embraced, which made him who he was.

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