Favourite bits?? - Spoilers

My favourite part is when forlan scores, you hear the clang of the stantion then theres an eerie silence through the bernabau...close between that and when he tells the ref he should be ashamed of himself..

wanted to see what parts everyone else liked best...

if you didn't like the film..please don't post...lets have one thread that discusses the positives please



It's been a while since I've seen it, and my friend stole my copy and I have to get it back sometime soon so I can watch it again...but the scene where Zizou sets up the goal and everyone celebrates. And Zizou is by himself.

Or the scene where Zizou has a conversation with Roberto Carlos...and laughs. Just awesome.

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yeah thats A cool bit, wonder what they were talking about??


Zidane by himself after the goal he sets up is also one of my favourite parts of the movie... like I said in another post he is the epitomy of the saying "it's lonely at the top" - this moment backs up that claim by the fact that he is physically alone not really fussed about celebrating a great deal -mentally also he is alone - as the rest of his team mates all immediately think to start jumping for joy when the ball hits the back of the net.


Well, I gotta say I am sucker for football/soccer and I'm a huge fan of Zidane (even though I'm brazilian - he destroyed us in two world cups), so just seeing in detail some of the marvelous flicks and stepovers of the man was quite entertaining.

But looking at specific scenes, besides the bits that you guys already pointed out, I thought the ending was terrific, you really couldn't make it up. As in all good surprise endings, the final reveal shocks you but isn't surprising at all - makes perfect sense. Disturbingly prophetic on the events of the 2006 World Cup.

Also, the play down the left that lead to the first goal was amazing. It happens so fast that you have a hard time grasping what he just he did, until you see a replay from above. It makes one think of how incredibly tough must be for defenders to mark the true great ones, like Zizou.


"You should be ashamed"


Why did he tell the ref He should be ashamed of himself !



I think the tackle that led to the penalty decision was a fair one. The Real player (can't remember who it was) took the ball cleanly but the Villareal player went down because of the strong (but fair) challenge.

Zidane was just showing his discust to the ref.

The best bits for me was his goal assist, and seeing Beckham pull him away when the red-mist descended on him at the end. Not sure why Zidane got involved though as it was nothing to do with him, however he did look p!ssed off all game, but maybe thats just the way he is in every game, "in the zone" so to speak.

I also like the way he creates a look of indifference and aloofness when not near the ball. This is not laziness or arrogence but a way of making the opposition forget he is there and thus giving him the space to work when he eventually gets the ball. He doesn't shout for the ball if he can help it, but puts his hand up. Then he comes alive either to simply lay the ball off or to create something to change the game!


I don't understand what he is thinking. I mean is he really just mapping out the field, devising a strategy, calculating something or... I don't know, he just seems either zoned in to the extreme or just out of it to the Nth degree.

Anyway, favorite bit - definitely him laughing with Carlos. I don't know what Roberto Carlos said but it must have been damn funny to make Zidane laugh, no?