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What about a US release? or did i miss out?

Zidane is my new obsession...sorry i've ignored soccer all these years. Yes he is a once-in-a-lifetime character...and he'll be fascinating to watch off the field as well. The fact that Mogwai did the film score only makes me want to run out and see this even more. Does anybody know anything?


Yes. Anyone know if this film is getting a US release? Anyone? Have got to see it on the big screen...


My fellow football and zidane aficionados in the US you are going to have to email Univeresal International Pictures and ask them when they are gonna release this film in the US
email the follwing address

[email protected]


and while your at it tell them to put english subtitles on Zinedine Zidane - Édition 2 DVD : Comme dans un rêve and Les Yeux dans les bleus - Vol.1 realise them both on DVD for the english speaking world

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you can buy it on the french version of amazon


The guys at youtube have a copy

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