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Can someone explain please?

So in the flashback shooting scene.

Who was who? The guy that got shot in the face was the agent? And that agent eventually became Sporaza the mob boss right?

Who was the shooter? Or is that even important?

Thanks in advance for answering some of these questions.


The shooter was the FBI because they thought Heller (the agent) went rogue. And covered it up by saying Sporazza killed Heller.


Here is what happened:

- FBI agent Heller decides to infiltrate the mob using plastic surgery and new identity
- Heller, as Sparazza, succeeds in infiltrating the mob
- FBI believed Heller went rogue and attempted to kill him as a cover-up, sends an agent to gun him down
- Heller survives the FBI hit, decides to become fully Sparazza
- throughout the years, it was thought Sparraza himself killed the undercover agent Heller, which helped him climb higher in mob ranks