Few unanswered questions

This movie ends without really giving the ending story for some of the characters.

The guy with the blade in his jacket (Forgot his name). He had the elevator shoot up scene, he was last scene carried out on a stretcher and he showed his blade, indicating he was still alive. What was the point? He wasn't in the rest of the movie, why show that he's alive?

The 2 girls. We saw the one with the sniper died but does Alicia Keys just not care? She was being carried off by Common but at some point she has to worry that her partner is missing no? It was obvious the sniper chick was in love with her, and Keys wasn't into it but still?

With Reynolds it was clear he resigned but I would think once everyone got though the door he got in some kind of trouble, no? I don't think they just let him walk out of the building after that? I get they didn't need to show that but still curious how that played out.

The rest of the characters pretty much all got killed off.


Use your imagination. With Diego, they're just showing that he's still alive.

The sniper is more than likely going to serve a sentence of 25+ years in federal prison.

Alicia Keys probably was concerned about her friend, but not at that certain moment. She probably assumed she escaped. These were professionals.

Ryan Reynolds would definitely have been dishonorably discharged or whatever the FBIs equivalent to the military's UCMJ is and likely serving a life sentence in federal prison.


It's implied the sniper dies, due to gunshots being heard from her hotel room.

I'm not sure how much in trouble with Reynold's character is, without revealing anything about the FBI's cover-up of Heller/Sparazza, which also caused the deaths of so many agents.


I think they were setting up a sequel.

Are you sure Sykes (sniper) died? I wasn't sure the shots we heard were at her.

How 'bout Tommy Flanagan's character? He escaped, too. (scarface master of disguise)

Reynolds would've stood trial for a double murder. The "system" would ensure he'd get life... or death.

Common and Keys got away.

By gum, there IS a sequel!