Someone explain this to me?

I'm guessing this was all fun. I just finished the whole series, but it didn't mention what happened after.
I never thought they were going to go and live in his flat, and I'm wondering if he just didn't do anything after the events of the last episode.

BUT, if they obviously wouldn't come and live in his flat, and barely anyone was taking it seriously as an actual country, so why was he taking things such as the death penalty and taxes so seriously?
Like, at the end of the episode about capital punishment, he did that really solemn bit, saying 'it's not a game anymore, and this isn't a country I want to be in'.

I just watched the series, confused as to whether they were takingi t seriously or not, because msot of it was jokey, and they were never going to have a proper country, but there were some points where he acted like this was a really serious thing.

No-ones even here, are they? I'm just talking to myself.

I am the Lord of the bus, said he.