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I thought this was suppose to be an 'Important Film'

not knowing anything about this film before seeing it, I was hoping it was one of those Hollywood "Important Films", you know the ones that always focus on the plight of the victim. examples: the documentary Sicko or any of those lousy documentaries from that Free Speech web site and satellite channel has on all day.

Instead, I have absolutely nothing negative to report on Closing Escrow. It gets a 10 out of 10 rating. It was absolutely hilarious. I don't understand why it wasn't released in wide distribution. it deserves an Award for 2007.

If "The Office" tv show can get an Award, then this movie should also be considered. Thank God there are Men and Women in the movie industry that can create an enjoyable movie experience during the dog days of late summer movies.

When this movie gets released on DVD, I am going to buy so many DVD's. I am going to send them out as Christmas and Birthday gifts to every I know.