Mac sucks now...

Ever since they turned his character gay...just watching this current season, he's just not even close to funny anymore, and he's been heading this way for a long time.

His all of the sudden complete flamboyance this season...his obsession with and desire to please Dennis going annoyingly over the's brutally annoying and obnoxious.

At least all the other characters are somewhat similar to who they started out as. That's able keep the show funny in its 14th season, because Mac absolutely blows now.

Another great character ruined for political correctness. Oh well.


The ass bike tho


I used to love this show. Watched every ep the day they aired. I watched the first ep of this new season and thought WTF? I haven't bothered watching the rest yet.


It's still pretty funny. Even this new season in my opinion.

I just think they ruined Mac. His character is not funny to me anymore. He's a token gay dude who wants to bang Dennis. I just think it's a weak schtick.

A lot of people like when characters change a lot as a show goes along...I like them to stay the same.


I think this season has been a barrel of laughs. Usually, the later episodes have been hit-or-miss, but in this case with the completion of the 14th season, the Gang really put forth their best efforts and it shows.

As for Mac being too gay...well, they could only stretch out his denial for so long. Now they have to concentrate on him overtly expressing his homosexuality.