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your favourite autobot and your favourite decpticon in the show and why?

my favourite autobot is wing saber because he is unlike any autobot i have ever seen

my favourite decepticon is starscream because he is so devious and cunniving.he has allways wanted to be the leader of the decepticons


My favorite autobot, even though for a short time, is Metroplex,,, always has been since he was in G2,, when he was a City.

Favorite decepticon,,, New Soundwave,, even thought the tapes have turned into what look like litle rolls that transform.


My favorite Autobot is Wing Saber, mostly because of his rebellious attitude (reminds me of Headmasters Chromedome), his really cool voice, looks and alternate mode. And he has some of the best lines and reactions in the show... when Lori said something like "We're. Going." he sweatdropped and went "Yes, ma'am.". xD

My favorite Decepticon... um... Lugnutz. xD Because he sounds like he's stoned all the time, he's such a relaxed character and it was so funny seeing Override go "Steers pretty well for a two-wheeler." (Or something like that...).

My favorite factionless Transformer is Sideways, Soundwave or Primus. Can't decide. Sideways because he's so adorably erratic, flies like an insect, has a cool voice, a demonic appearance, he tends to speak to himself, he sang at one point and the stash of cans fell on him. xD Soundwave because he's Soundwave, has that monotone voice, has decided to talk like a DJ and has Laserbeak with him (even though the bird is a bomb). And Primus because... well, quoting Starscream: "Whoa, big guns!". xD And of course, he's the Transformers' GOD and their homeplanet! That's so frickin weird! ("We've been standing on him with our dirty feet!"... Who knew Leobreaker cared about things like that?) (And I think my Mom's gonna buy Primus for me as a Christmas present... his toy is huge! 0.0 OMG. Just now I realized that he's gonna be nearly two times as big as my GF Soundblaster...)

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my fav autobot has to be either jetfire or scattershot. jetfire because he is so calm when it comes to battles and he can get hotheaded but thats why i like him. scattershot because he is so cute an adorable and can come out with some cheesy saying when he wants to.

my fav decepticon has to be starscream because in armada all he wants to do is get more mini cons then megatron and in this he joins the autobots for a couple of episodes fun and overall because he does crazy things to ensure he gets what he wants.


undermine because he transforms into a spinosaurus and has 4 arms. the two little dino arms and his dino head that splits in 2 making another pair of arms. even though he got his a$$ handed to him lot hes still cool.
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Jetfire because he has an aussie accent.

My fave decepticon is Thundercracker because he is an idiot

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Autobots: A tie between Optimus and Vector Prime.

Decepticons: Starscream.

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