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This is Another 'Blair Witch' (Spoilers ahead!!)

-Internet searches reveal that no such person as William Grone ever existed. (Well I am sure somewhere in the world is somebody with that name, but not the one from this film.)

-The end credits have the 'Any resemblances to persons living or dead are purely coindicental' disclaimer at the very end.

-I love how there's maybe a dozen actors, tops, in this whole film, telling me they were friends of the director or probably worked for a free pizza that night. ;)

I began to suspect about halfway through the movie that it wasn't a genuine story. After all, how do we know what conversations the two girls had while they were duct-taped to the floor?

Where this movie gets it right, though, is this idea of a junk yard in the middle of the desert off of a deserted road. I grew up in the suburbs and I am far more scared crapless by rural/wilderness areas where there's nowhere to run and nobody to run to, as opposed to the city where the cops are always cruising by no matter where you are. Even at 4 AM!!

Overall this is not bad but I feel smart and proud of myself for figuring out that its just a movie. ;)


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