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another sequals coming?? 2 puppies dead 15 sick

today on The Province on front page
The American Humane association is Probing a Vancouver film production firm
after two of its puppies had to be euthanized and at least 15 fell sick

Some were just six-weeks old when they arrived from the U.S

They arrived in Vancouver at the start of production of Snow Buddies on Feb 19
there were 15 puppies on set and another 15 were being treated by a vet.

there another Air Bud that called Air Bud Aussie Rules
go to Flims in Development
you see a link to Air Bud Aussie rules

I TOTALLY have a brain... I just don't use it much. (Beast Boy)



If you dig a little deeper, you'll find that 3-5 have been euthanized and upwards of 40 puppies fell sick. They bent a few rules and started filming with puppies that weren't old enough as per the law. Go Disney.


Disney didn't make the film. They are distributors, not makers...

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Well i think whatever you are talking abt is not true..!!
If so kindly prove your point...
Or else its better to shut up..
and anyways this movie is for kids..!!!!
You are not suppose to watch and critisize it...
I hope you get my point..

And as u said... an unused brain is a rotten one...(just kiddin)


First off, every movie is to be criticized. Even children's films. Secondly, people discussing the terrible things a production crew does on set is hardly a critique on the film itself. Thirdly, you can think anything you want is true or not, but if you would take a modest 30 seconds to do a search on yahoo or google using the key words "Snow Buddies" and "Puppies" you will get numerous pages on the matter, the very first being a page on the American Humane Society's site.

I hope this has been enlightening and if you should respond you actually have a warrented arguement other than choosing not to believe something is true when it clearly is. Kids movie or not, these people KILLED puppies. Choose to see it or not, I am not asking anything of anyone, or telling them what to do. Just informing.


Hey! No one gives a damn! Get it? We suck, period. Most of us are too busy just trying to live let alone get ahead.

Or not. But bottom line, for some reason or another, lately evil rules. Dead puppies? I bet the producers and distributors really cared!

I'm glad there are people like you point things out, but notice your replies! People kill the messenger here. Got that? Maybe it has always been like that? Here is some sage advice "No good deed shall go unpunished."