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Wasn't Molly Emma's Dog?

In the soccer one, Josh falls for Emma and Buddie falls for Molly, right? And Molly was Emma's dog, right?

Why does she belong with Noah's friend? Did I miss something in one of the other movies?

I'm jsut curious.



I was just thinking that. Like didn't Molly belong to the girl Josh liked?

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You are right. In World Pup Josh and Buddy meet Emma and Molly, and the boys fall in love with the girls and Buddy and Molly have six puppies.
In Seventh Inning Fetch we see four adult puppies whose names are Shooter, Striker, Zack, and Duke.
In this film they disrupted the continuity to make a story about the puppies, which are now five in number and have different names: Rosebud, Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, and Bud-dha. And again, you're right, they decided to make Buddy's girlfriend Molly belong to Noah's friend.

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Retroactive continuity is crazy for sure.