Ashley Judd

Never been a huge fan of hers, although I hadn't seen much, but she is incredible in this film. She takes my breath away, the scene where she talks about her son and how she looks for him in her sleep and in that whole scene you can see the way she breaks down and the emotional baggage and damage this woman is carrying, and its all in one take too. Its a masterclass of acting, it is extraordinary.... If I was a big time director around at the moment I would lap up the chance to work with somebody like Judd; Friedkin was very lucky.



I've been a fan of hers for a long time and always thought she was very talented. She really gave the performance of her career here. I heard she was wonderful in 1993's Ruby in Paradise but I haven't seen it. She's a very magnetic and energetic actress, but her performance here is absolutely unreal. It's electric, so seamless, the way she goes from vulnerable flower to crazed

Don't you just love that? It really is a phenomenal piece of work!


Also, don't forget! In the words of the immortal Al Pacino:

"She has a GREAT ASS!!!"

"97-X...Bam....The future of...Rock 'n' Roll."