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Any thoughts on the doctor???

I just watched this film and pretty much everything fit for me. I found Peter to be nothing more than an absolute whack job, and I found Agnes to be nothing more than an impressionable, easily led waitress who fell into Peters madness. What didnt fit for me was the doctor. It seemed at first he was concerned about peter and peters welfare. Then he smokes the weed and starts talking about Agnes's long lost son Lloyd. How would he know about Lloyd??? This didnt fit for me and Im curious as to what other people think.


It's possible the doctor was part of the delusion and not really there. His odd behavior and knowledge of Lloyd would support that theory.

However, it's also possible he smoked the drugs to try and convince Agnes he was on her side and could be trusted. He could've also found out about Lloyd from her friend.

I prefer the former explanation that the doctor was never really there in the first place. I've also heard there is an after credits scene which shows the apartment fully intact and not all burnt out. This would show that even the fire itself was a hallucination. I haven't seen that scene myself though.


Thanks for your insight chris. Yes you are right about the scene in the credits of the apartment being totally in tact. I guess this is just another one of those films where you dont really know what happened. It's pretty much left in the hands of personal interpretation. I tend to agree with your version in that the doctor was never really there in the first place. THis goes along with the constant helicopters that were never there either.


Remember, the doctor arrived at the same time as Goss near the end. In fact, Goss brought him. Goss could have very easily told the "doctor" everything


There's also a scene with a child's toys and a scene with the doctor dead in the tin foil motel room.
So what does the kids toys have to do with the ending?


I think ol Doc was real. Remember we saw his dead body near the end of the movie.

But he was also STUPID, as so many horror movie characters are. He showed up to pick up a dangerously insane man with no security backup, and armed only with a syringe.


Schrodinger's cat walks into a bar, and / or doesn't.


I don't think that was 'weed'... it was either crack or meth.


Beat me to it...has to be meth...I've smoked weed countless times and never got violently paranoid...meth on the other hand was meth.


You do know that all drugs are dangerous, mmkay?

Schrodinger's cat walks into a bar and doesn't.


I think the doctor was a previous delusional 'partner' for Peter before Agnes. I recall something said about that just before he's killed. I can't reconcile the needle though, but it does make some weird sort of sense. Maybe he was just another vulnerable person ensnared by Peter's madness? Just a theory...


I was very puzzled by the doctor. First I was surprised that a psychiatrist would go out in search of a patient. Doctors don't generally go to such lengths. If a potentially dangerous patient goes missing, wouldn't you call the police? Or was he a doctor with a military facility? Wouldn't he have a couple of MPs with him, in that case? This doctor showing up alone (or technically brought by Goss) seemed to lend believability to Peter's claim that the military was experimenting on him.

Second that the doctor would smoke drugs, although I agree he may have been trying to gain Agnes's trust. Still, he's alone, trying to nab a dangerous patient. Wouldn't he want all his wits about him?

Third that he would promise to help Agnes find Lloyd. (And how did he know about Lloyd, unless after RC and Goss tipped him off to Peter's location, he did some research about Agnes.) If he did actually know something, that seems wickedly unethical. To get her hopes up, tease her along that he knows where Lloyd is and whether he's okay -- that just seems so low, when all he wants is to take Peter back to a mental facility.

And finally that a psychiatrist would be so naive as to get close up with a patient that has so clearly gone off the rails. He should have known better. But I've noticed in lots of movies that psychiatrists often think they can "talk him down" with a crazy patient -- with the syringe of sedative at the ready. It's hard to believe a real doctor would take that chance.

So was he real? Was he with the military, come to retrieve their 'research project'? Was he not a doctor but someone who knew Peter in some other way? Or was he really a psychiatrist from wherever Peter had been kept, who was trying to find Peter and help him, who saw the paraphernalia and knew Agnes could be manipulated, who underestimated how dangerous Peter had become?

I guess we can't know, which is frustrating.


At that point in the film, we can't trust anything that Agnes and Peter are experiencing. When we are inside the motel, we see things through their perspective, such as hearing the rumblings of a helicopter, that doesn't exist when it cuts to Gos outside of the motel. Therefore, we can't know exactly what was real and what wasn't during that doctor scene.

I believe that he was there to help Peter, but Agnes hears him say what she expects to hear him say. So the things he says that would affirm Peter's delusions and indicate he also knows about her son, were imagined to connect all the conspiracies.

However, he could also be completely imagined, which would also make sense in the context of the last scene. What I don't believe is that Peter really was being experimented on by the government and that they also knew what happened to her son.

I also think that this film is supposed to put you in the mind of a paranoid schizophrenic to the extent that you are not sure, either, whether the delusions are real or imagined. So, that final scene is supposed to be ambiguous to achieve that effect.