Is this even legal?

Did the director get the rights to make this? Or did he just make it for the hell of it?


As long as he's not making any money off of it I don't think he has to get the rights. Now if he tried to start selling Rats DVDs then he'd be in trouble.

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Technically its illeagal ....but who cares.....If he tried to broadcast it on TV or in a public place ppl would start getting all huffy and puffy

The net is still a relatively new medium so not all areas are well guarded.

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wrong. it was a non-financial venture ie the makers didn't get any money for it, so no-one made money on miller's expense.

and as they didn't change anything, practically, they didn't violate his 'moral' rights as the creator of the original.

last, as it hasn't got anything that's directly copied from the original, so there's no violation there, either.

it's a thin line, but it's there and they didn't cross it. had they significantly changed it, made any money or used panels from the original, directly, it would've been different.

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