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I dont see whats so unbelievable...

hasnt anyone ever heard of the Ansari X Prize? they offer like 10 million bux to the 1st person or persons who build a non government funded spacecraft....alot of competition in it and alot of near successess and someone actually won the 10 mill a couple years ago which launched 3 more programs of the same whats so hard to believe about an ex nasa man with a *beep* of money and knowledge building his own spacecraft and actually launching it?


man with a *beep* of money and knowledge building his own spacecraft and actually launching it?

You mean like Elon Musk? (google him)

The difference, of course, is that Musk doesn't build his rockets in his backyard barn with only one person to help him, and he plays ball with the government regarding permits and so forth. He is also rich and has lots of rich venture capitalists to get him going. He also has customers lined up to use his rocket for their payloads. Also, the government actually wants him to succeed, instead of blocking him like in this movie. Probably has something to do with the fact that he doesn't endanger his family and local community by handling dangerous propellants like you would handle cow manure, nor does he launch his rocket over populated land, dropping spent rocket stages into towns along the way, like Billy Bob does in the movie.

These are some of the reasons why the movie doesn't feel believable. Other than that, sure, someday some private entity WILL launch his own rockets; Musk has already tried 3 times and failed, and will try again sometime in the next few months.


Everything about the two launch attempts and the orbital flight was totally unbelievable. Can you name any single parts of his flight that were not stupid?



Why? Just because it wasn't done by a government? I am sure that was dramatic license in the making of the movie, but still it's a movie!!


The dramatic license taken was far too much. They could have made much more believable (or less stupid) and had the same drama.

He launched with engines using only fuel, no oxidizer. A rocket needs an oxidizer tank to function.

He launched twice out of his barn without reducing it to charcoal.

His first launch had an attitude and trajectory parallel to the ground. This is impossible in a craft without wings. He would have needed a nose up attitude to stay parallel to the ground.

He and his capsule would have been smashed to bit after crashing into the ground on the first launch attempt. It is more believable that cows could fly than to believe this.

There was no way for him to stay in communication with his son on the ground without using a world wide network or satellites, none of which were shown or discussed.

Retro rockets shown do not reduce velocity of the craft enough (17000 mph) to just drop out of orbit. Something more realistic and dramatic would be to show the gradual orbit decay prior to re-entry.

He used a single stage to orbit, something ever before achieved even with the most advanced manned rockets, and he did it with a modified atlas stage and using kerosene base fuel, with no liquid oxygen.

I'm not saying that a private individual could not do it, I'm saying whoever was in charge of the technical details thought their audience was very stupid.



9 obits = nearly 14 hours, launched 09:00:22, so landing would have been around at 11 PM at night. The movie depicted the landing at dawn.

After retro-burn, the capsule was depicted as dropping straight down.

The technical aspects of the movie would have been more accurate if they had hired a junior high science and space wiz.

But I enjoyed it.


Of course it doesn't have too much to do with reality, but... what's the problem?

Star Trek doesn't make any sense, and no one cares. Star Wars is even more fantastic, and no one cares. Armageddon doesn't make any sense, the same goes for Deep Impact or Serenity, the same for the Alien saga, etc...

Nearly every movie who depicts the outer space (or everything related to space journey) is completely inaccurate and no one cares.

This is more in the way of Field of Dreams or It's a Wonderful Life than in the 2001 way.


I think people don't complain about those movies because they're purely science fiction. This movie on the other claims to be a drama/comedy, which demands a certain sense of realism. However I wonder if maybe the filmmakers intended for it to be slightly unrealistic, because whether or not it is is besides the point. Ultimately what the movie is about is whether or not some dreams are worth having and chasing, even at the cost of sacrifice, and the strength of those closest to you who keep believing in you even when everyone else thinks you're crazy.

I only do it with superheroes.



Just watched this for the first time, thankfully for free on TV.

I weep for the state of science education in America.

For all of you who don't see the problems, I'm sincerely sorry. You'll likely never know how horribly you've been cheated out of your birthright.