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Horror novels like this?

After playing this game, Im really eager to read some horror stories, are there any that are similar to this? Not like story-similar but like a little supernatural and all that. No Spoilers Please(about the novels)


Well, the game is heavily inspired by the works of Stephen King, so I'd recommend the following:

The Dark Half,
Needful Things (probably the one the game most reminded me of)
The Stand (massive, but worth it)
Bag of Bones

Another really good horror novelist I would recommend is James Herbert. Most of his works are good but the ones that resemble Alan Wake are:

The Ghosts of Sleath
The Dark
The Secret of Crickley Hall


Ok thanks Ill look into this!


Not sure how Needful things or The Stand are similar to Alan Wake. Great books, but really different stories.

My recommendations from the works of Stephen king would include:

The Dark Half
Bag of Bones
Lisey's Story
The Shinning
Duma Key
Secret Window


Also by Stephen King read The Shining and if you like it Stephen wrote a follow up (finally) to it