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This movie is horribly bad

I admit I only watched the first 30 minutes before I shut it off. 30 wasted minutes.

I don't look for absolute accuracy all of the time, but this was written and directed by someone who has no F'in clue what POW's went through. Dragged by a water buffalo for 50 whole feet for telling the camp commander to F off?? Oh, the humanity.

Don't bother with this drivel.


The movie is great, one of the best recent war movies, images are spectacular, but, the end it's a joke, I thought he was hallucinating or something, too unrealistic. Bale is stellar, he is one of most dedicated actors ever, and his performance in this movie just shows that!


Dengler did begin to hallucinate at the end once he'd witnessed his buddy get decapitated. Read his book.


Sailor Jeff - As a POW, you look at it differently. We saw it as a movie, and I thought it was a great fun movie. Maybe not accurate, maybe a bit dumb sometimes, but all said and done, I'd say 7 on 10

Darkness lies an inch ahead


It gets worse for him later.

And anyways:

Compared to Little Dieter, however, Rescue Dawn somewhat understates the suffering of the prisoners, and Herzog omits the worst torments that Dengler endured at the hands of his captors. Clearly, Herzog doesn't wish to make a fetish out of the prisoners' woes or turn Rescue Dawn (which is rated PG-13) into a horror piece. This is refreshing, as it directly opposes the default position of most Hollywood war pictures that put a premium on "realism," measured in just how much physical agony and viscera they can fling onto the screen.

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How about we tie you to a water buffalo and drag you, see how you like it?


YOU FOOL! This entire movie is BASED of a true story that REALLY HAPPENED. And the guy was consulted by Herzog on various recollections to get the authenticity correct.

This movie is not only a masterpiece, it has amazing ACTING from everyone, and shows how gritty and grimy the war really was for POWs. *beep* you for thinking it's fake or stupid. THIS REALLY HAPPENED.

And if you turned it off after 30 minutes(you probably only watched like 10 minutes) how can you tell anyone else not to "bother with this drivel". You didn't even watch the entire movie.

Moron, that's like reading the first 2 chapters of a book and saying "it sucks". Sometimes, it takes the WHOLE MOVIE or the entire BOOK to get it's point across, or to tell the story.

But I can tell what kind of movies you like: Michael Bay Transformers in your face 130% nonstop action because you have ADD or ADHD or OCD and you can't sit still unless the camera is jumping all over the place and a bazillion different things are flashing around on the screen with no plot or story or acting to speak of.


I love these "man this movie sucked balls" threads, always a good laugh, always contains "this movie sucked balls but i didnt actually see it".
Maybe directors should start making movies that are good without having to watch them.
Any last words ?
Shut the *beep* up
-Mutant Chronicles-


I don't take reviews seriously from people who haven't watched a full movie. Your credibility is next to nothing.