After.....Is A Mess

Watch this don't oppose excessive shaky camera work, blaring music every few minutes, questionable cinematography, and strange storytelling. Some may find this movie great, but I think they are in the minority.

Acting/Casting: 5* - This is the one area of the film that I thought was average. The actors are second rate, but do an average job and don't stand out as being terrible. Nothing great, but just average work here.

Directing/Cinematography/Technical: 2* - Let's not confuse good cinematography with cinematography that greatly takes away from the film. While some movies capture the chaos with their camera work and music, this movie just makes it aggravating. The flashback scenes are blared with white contrast to the point that it hurts your eyes and you can't see what is taking place. I can write a book about this category, but I will leave it as one word - UNFORTUNATE.

Plot/Characters: 2* - The movie starts well and grabs your attention, but ends up taking you on a journey of ridiculousness. Prepare to be confused for a while and although some sense is made in the end, I wouldn't say that all of it is necessary or has relevance. An avid film watcher could tell you how this movie was going to end 2/3 of the way through, but only because that was the only thing that could marginally save the film.

Entertainment Value: 3* - It starts well, but ends disappointing. There is a reason it has a 3.2 rating and it isn't because people "don't get it". Some do "get it" and just think it isn't very good.

My Score: 5+2+2+3 = 12/4 = 3.0