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One of the greatest examples of

how not to make a movie.

I have seen some really bad movies in my time but many were so bad they were good and I ended watching them to the end regardless.

There are very few movies that are totally unwatchable but this is one of them.
Unbelievably bad shaky camerawork combined with a pounding soundtrack both headache inducing and designed to detract from any possible tension.

It is like watching a heavy metal video made by a 13 year old in his bedroom. The story had the potential to be a decent movie but needed to be directed by Christopher Smith (Creep) or Neil Marshall (The Descent) 2 Directors who understand the genre and filmmaking.

Hand held camera work and pulsating soundtracks can be used to good effect when delivered in part to develop and build tension but not for the whole bloody movie without a break for the suffering audience.

Should be held up as a piece of work at Film Schools around the World as how not to make a Movie.

Thank God Mr Cummingham doesn't make movies any more and long may it stay that way.


You're pretty good at picking apart the work of others.

How about you use all your obvious genius to show us mere mortals how it's SUPPOSED to be done?


Agreed. As a director, Mr. Cunningham is a total failure.


I don't know how to make a movie and do not pretend to. This director pretends to know, and just can't.
I see he hasn't worked in 6 years.
This is good for cinema.