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Continuity questions... SPOILERS

SPOLERS AHEAD!!! Read at your own risk.

Is it just me, or is the continuity majorly screwed up here? Bear with me...

So we learn at the end that Nate committed suicide during his previous expedition by jumping without his parachute, and is now trapped in something like hell/limbo. I get that. Thing is, wasn't his girlfriend going to tell him about her pregnancy AFTER the jump? If he died before she got to tell him, then how can he know/remember his daughter and the fact that she might/might not have been abducted/killed? Or is everything about the little girl purely in his head and never actually happened??

Besides, WHY did he kill himself? It would've made more sense if he killed himself because of guilt over losing the kid. But then he kills himself BEFORE she's even born, if you assume the girlfriend plans to tell him about the pregnancy after the jump. Or did the suicide indeed happen after the daughter's death (and for that reason) and his girlfriend was actually going to reveal to him that she's pregnant AGAIN?

Doesn't make much sense either way, and the movie very confusing in that respect. Thoughts anyone?


They'd had one child already, and that was the one who was abducted/killed. The pregnancy she tells him about in the film is #2.

As for how he knew about it when he was already dead, there's two ways to look at it. One, some say that in the afterlife, you get knowledge you might not have had, you get to know things people wanted to tell you but never did; we can assume that's what happened here. Two, he has no such knowledge and it's all in his mind, another way to be tortured. Thinking he left her alone and pregnant, knowing that that was the one thing that would've kept him from committing suicide, thinking he already "let" one child die so how could he have made another, etc.

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I agree with what you've put, and although it hadn't occurred to me actually I think you may be right, her being pregnant is just his imagining and another way to torture himself.
Because he only 'finds out' about the pregnancy once his wife has been badly irradiated -enough for her skin to be scabbing and bleeding and her brother to be losing teeth- a three month foetus would hardly survive that unscathed. So in effect he feels that by bringing her there he has 'killed' his second child -which ties in with his guilt that he 'killed' their daughter by his carelessness.

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