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Weren't the filmmakers embarassed when they released this?

I, for one, would be. This movie was so unprofessional, so childish, and so unfunny that the filmmakers themselves should have tried to remedy the situation by rewriting, reediting or recasting. Or better yet, just purge the idea altogether. This seemed to be made by a bunch of stoned, delusional fifteen-year olds who got a hold of their parents
Mac computer. (Obviously the script was. The special effects, however, could be done better by their sober pre-adolescent siblings.) I liked Jackass one and two; I like inane and stupid comedies. I like sugar-loaded, empty caloric fast-food entertainment. There are some movies that you wouldn't believe that I enjoyed. (And I won't admit them here.) But this movie was just plain horrible and even pathetic, maybe. Most of the time it just felt like a bunch of guys cussing in front of the camera.

I could imagine some of the dialogue that was uttered during the making of this debacle:

"Just walk around. Snort some coke, yeah, that's it. Now cuss a little. Perfect! That is so funny."

"Yeah...this is a reality prank show where we make people think that they are being sent to boot camp. Now, here's the real hook, guys: We have a gay drill instructor that is spouting out dialogue from straight out of Full Metal Jacket. (Beat) No. It's not a spoof. Hell, it's not even a homage. Verbatim. That's pretty good, huh? You guys like it?"

"All right, Preston. You're a fat guy that other guys order when they're piss-drunk bored. You are a Fat Party Guy! Wow! Let the laughter ensue." (I'm sorry, but I have to comment on this skit. If I were wasted with my friends, the last thing I would want to see, let alone pay for, is a drunk, overweight, fat man. I don't see the logic in that skit at all.)

To be honest, I felt bad for everyone involved. I was embarrassed for them. This movie seemed to be made to display the lack of cinematic talent that these guys have. (I don't care who you are, everyone has a talent. But for these guys, movie-making ain't it.) Me, personally, given the choice of working a mundane, ordinary, unassuming, boring,
dull, tedious, and unexciting job, (Think overtime at McDonalds) or making a horrible, worthless and unfunny "movie", I would rather do the former.

This was a waste of film. The studio should have sunk their money into Jackass 3. (They would probably call it Dumbass for copyright reasons.) It would have been more inventive, more humorous and more entertaining than this pile of wet elephant fecal matter.

Avoid this one at all costs.



Get away anyway you can!


I'm not sure it actually got a theatrical run.

As far as it being any different from "Jackass," I honestly couldn't see how. If anything, I'd call this "Jackass Lite," or "Jackass with a storyline."

I actually liked it because it was so infantile. I honestly don't know what you were expecting. I mean, it had Steve-O! That right there should have told you this wasn't a Merchant Ivory Joint.

"Now, that is one nutty hospital!"


TV: The Movie was funny. You just can't take it too seriously. It's not ment to be like Jackass. It's a sketch comedy movie. Lighten up.


I dont think any money was sunk into this movie. I wondered if the people in it were ashamed to be in it too, then I realised somebody got paid some money...