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Watching Steve O slowly kill himself

When I watched this film I hoped I'd get a Jackass like fix. The movie sucked but the worst part was the fact that I had to watch Steve O self destruct on camera. We all knew Steve O did drugs even during the days of Jackass but is wasn't blatantly filmed and used for entertainment. Here they exploited Steve O at his worst and filmed it to make a buck. Steve O I am sure approved of them doing it but at that time his brain was too fried to have the capacity to consent.

Thankfully Steve O came out the other side and today is sober. I love watching Steve O be an idiot but its only funny when I know he is in a clear state of mind and clean and reasonably sober.


Steve o is my favorite celebrity. I am so glad he was able to cleanup his life and get his addiction under control. If he can get his life back together anyone can. he is a true inspiration to all addicts. i wish him nothing but the best