It's Ok to eat meat, but...

I do have an issue with the way most of it raised and slaughtered for mass consumption.

Anyone who has seen the way chickens are killed for KFC, the way most animals are treated who end up in Big Macs, Whoppers, *beep* etc, can't deny it's sad and horrific to see.

Last night I stumbled upon a video showing lines and lines of chickens being held up upside down as a throat slicer slit their throats one by one, all alive. I've seen video of chickens being burned alive. Cows having their skin pulled off while alive.

Lots of people have seen these type of videos. I don't know how anyone couldn't be even slightly bothered by this stuff. I am, and I still eat meat.

Now I've graduated from McDonalds, pretty much all the fast food out there. I have been trying to be more aware to buy only locally and naturally raised meat that wasn't slaughtered in an inhumane way. At least I hope it was killed painlessly.

This means no more fast food, with the exception of Chipotle (They claim there meat is all naturally raised, hopefully it's not a matter of time before PETA proves otherwise).

Though I am rambling, I guess what I'm trying to say to the vegans and vegetarians out there is this: There are lots of meat eaters who also love animals. I love the taste of meat, too much to ever want to give it up. I've tried becoming vegan, it was torture for me. I never felt satisfied after eating a meal. But I think there is a fine line between people who are cool with consuming animals killed in a vicious and cruel manner such as was presented in FFN, as well as all the real footage on the web, and people who make a conscious choice to opt for naturally raised and locally raised meat.

So don't put every carnivore into one basket. Please. I also don't like the harsh ways animals are treated in mass meat producing facilities.

Do the vegans and vegetarians out there hate any type of meat eating, or just meat produced at an evil place, like the ones that produce meat for KFC, McDonalds etc?



Just wondering, what exactly is a humane way to kill an animal?


put yourself in the animals shoes and decide how you would prefer to be killed. Assuming you are referring to meat production there are many humane ways to kill and a lot depends on the type of animal and the location they get slaughtered in. When done on a small scale there are many options from captive bolt stunner, electrical stunning, gun and if done with skill even slitting the throat can be a quick death, for smaller animals cervical dislocation or decapitation can work well. In all circumstances treating an animal gently and being calm and having the appropriate tools are essential.
Unfortunately the mass production of meat means economics come first and animal welfare suffers greatly, despite regulations requiring stunning before bleeding it is accepted that a small percentage of the animals will not be properly stunned and it is these cases that are most egregious cruelty occurs in modern meat production.
My stance is that since many can survive fine without meat and the fact that meat production always comes with the possibility of suffering (most laws use the term unnecessary suffering to set limits to how much suffering can be inflicted but fail to define it) simply removing meat from your diet is the most sensible course of action if you wish to limit suffering .


I find it hard to believe that you can love animals, yet consume them. I mean I love chicken, burger from time to time, bacon is heaven, and fish is also a staple; however, I would not say I LOVE animals. Animals are animals. Let them be and let them be free. If I should eat one, it should not dictate how much I worry about one getting killed to fill my appetite. I know I am being wrong. I am aware that it should be equivalent of me being slaughtered when half my life is up at 36, assuming the average life span is 72.

You cannot be attached to what you eat or you would not eat it. It's kind of a backwards mindset and this is why vegetarians and vegans will be far superior to us. Just the way it is.

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