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Why would this movie make you ashamed of America?

If it does, you must be a self-righteous liberal doofus who watches MSNBC.

Have you ever traveled outside America? Do you have any idea how bad it can be out there?

What a self-righteous doofus you are.

Not only will I still eat a hamburger after seeing this movie, I WAS EATING A HAMBURGER WHILE WATCHING IT! And, it was delicious!

I enjoyed the burger and enjoyed the hot Latinas in the movie. Muy bonita chica!

I'd like to ___ a chica WHILE eating a burger!


This movie was a sensational piece of crap.



Libb, that was incredibly rude. And uncalled for. Seriously, comments like that make me disliske the U.S. even more.

Long live liberals. We are the future, after all.


America has become the easy target. I'm not American but I love America and generally American people. Its an amazing and beautiful country. The rest of the world has its pros and cons just as the USA does. There's still a better life in America than in most countries in the world. LONG LIVE USA!


I am not ashamed of America I am ashamed that people like you are trying to be the voice of "real Americans"And your signature line put it all in perspective for me. You are a mysogynist scum bag.


Movies are no reason to be ashamed of America, but obnoxious people like you are quite an embarrassment.

She gave me a smile so sweet you could have poured it on your pancakes.


You are basically the crap of America, who tries to speak for the rest of us, civilized Americans. The reason you have it so good is because the civilized ones are picking up YOUR slack.

It is disgraceful to think things do not need to change here, before comparing us to lesser countries. Our sights should be on improving this country with 0% unethical behaviors, which sets the standard for the rest of the world to follow.

If we're still third world in some of our policies, what makes us any better? What makes you appreciate the crap we still hold? Conservatives are just that: stagnant, stubborn individuals that want to keep government out of things, while the rich rule the free market and the poorer of YOUR POLITICAL kind starve. There has been many instances to where the poor have been exploited under Conservative rule and you see it is MANY red states.

Yes, I am ashamed at the regressive Conservative America. I am proud of the up and coming, progressive Liberal America.

RIO OLYMPICS!!!! August 5th!