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How do you think the Winchesters will end GOD?

Since God is the biggest bad the boys have ever faced, do you think they will defeat him?
Do they have enough power on their side, and knowledge to bring him down?
If so, how do you think they will?

Death said he would kill God, and the only one who could kill him. He also made the comment that he couldn't remember whom was the eldest. So with this old thought, do you think the writers will remember Death said this or not even bother and go there?


Exile? You would think that Amara would lend a hand. Plus they have Jack, Billie and possibly the Empty Entity. And possibly FreeRangeMichael. And Sam. Aka SamGodWound/Visions/PossDemonBlood/Warlock/UberHunter. And his sidekick Dean.

Logically it would be Jack taking Chucks place with Amara as the counter balance.

Sad ending would be Dean in charge of Heaven and Sam over Hell. The Winchesters have been to Hell so they cant attain Heaven. Who knows. Prior canon is out the window so Dabb can write any crap he wants.


I don't know why on earth Dabb has gone down the Demon Blood route again, that was eons ago and what was the point in Sam being de-blooded throughout his trials experience going through all that trauma for nothing. I would have thought Amara would have been keener to help too, but she's gone against her bro so she's out of the window for now. I still see Billie brining Jack back and face the big man once and for all. Billie foreshadowed the empty at the start of last season, then nothing for ages, so what was the point in showing us the big empty and expose it for no real purpose?

I hate the thought of Sam and Dean ruling heaven and hell respectively, even though that thought has been in my soul for a number of years. I thought at one point they might resurrect Crowley, but that ship has sailed and will abandon that idea. I so want him to come back and Rowena.


All Amara knows regarding the Winchesters is that there’s been a falling out according to Chuck. She didn’t seem too concerned. Perhaps she figures Dean would call out to her if it was that bad. Maybe she will look into it on her own. It seems unrealistic to me that Dean wouldn’t pray for her assistance if nothing else to have her intercede and plead their case. Dean knows how much she cares for him why wouldn’t he make a request? Especially when she knows how Chuck can be.

Dabb wouldn’t do something insane for the ending like having Dean have to become one with the Darkness, would he? Forget that thought ever entered my mind, no matter how briefly...


I'm not sure if Amara will help or even Jack. He was woke up by Billie but when Cas brunt up his body, that may have been the last we see of Jack. And maybe Amara as well. Cas is a wild card. I can almost see him taking over Chucks job.

Am wondering if Sam, because Rowena left him her "stash" of ingredients to make spells, that this part of Sam will come into play when the "showdown" happens. Like when she made Dean become a bomb to kill Amara.

There are several areas that I don't want to happen. The destruction of the bunker, Sam killing Dean or Dean killing Sam, or both die and something happens to Baby.

And yes I've always liked the bunker. In fact I would love to move there and may be the one to inherit all of it. I can see me becoming a legacy. :)

One side note. Now that Eileen is back I would love to see her join Jody, Donna and the girls and become a Wayward Sister.


I am with you on every point.

I think that would be perfect for Eileen. At first I thought she might have been a love interest for Sam, but since we are heading towards the end of this shows run, I can't see that happening now. I love Eileen, and pleased Sam bought her back to life, she deserved some happiness.

I hope its not the last we see of Jack, I would hate not to see him in action again. I would love Cas to end up as God, and he would be the most likely candidate.

As for the bunker, NO way 8 years of this set is worth its weight in gold. Its been there only real home and base during this time. Its an important part of who they are now and should stay this way. We are on the same page as for killing either or both brothers. But, for some reason, the more I read about a possible ending, I feel this is the most obvious way its gonna end. Sam snapping Dean's neck in his dreams serves up one possible ending. That God Bullet, is affecting the way Sam is acting for sure, and what part its going to play later. It sure has caused him some headaches.


Any number of ways. God or not, Chuck is not omnipotent and all knowing. We have seen that. If he was Sam would not have been able to shoot him unless he wanted him to. I just hope this show doesn't end on a lame reset or something like that. I'm really hoping Chuck turns out not to be "God" but just another arrogant cosmic being with delusions of grandeur.