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Has anyone ever been to a convention?

I know this is a strange question, but has anyone ever gone to one?

Am thinking of going but never been to one so thought I'd ask opinions.


No, sorry fishpan but I knew a number on IMDb had gone and are still regular attendee's. I want to go, but cannot afford those prices since I am out of work again. If that changes I may go to the UK one friends have been sending me links about it. J2 are both going. NEC Birmingham!


I've gone to a few of the LA cons, a couple of Vegas cons, and I went to Hawaii - though I used that one solely as an excuse to go to Hawaii.

I'm attending Sunday this coming weekend in Orlando only because it's annoying as hell that after 13 years they finally come to Orlando where I live and I don't care anymore, but feel like I have to at least attend one day. So I only bought a one-day ticket.

I intended the Hawaii con to be the last one, sort of a last hurrah, because, yes, they're insanely expensive, and we've received less and less over the years for the ever-increasing cost of attending as a gold, silver, or copper level attendee.