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'Sorelli' means 'sisters' in Italian

I thought that was cool.


That is cool... I didn't know that. :)


Um, it's actually "sorelle," with an e at the end, not an i. Sorella is the singular form of the word and in Italian, feminine nouns are made plural by dropping the a and replacing it with an e.

Just sayin!


Ah, you're right, but it's the closest a surname is going to come to meaning "sisters" in Italian.
. . . . . . . .


dont forget that each of the girl's names are based on spices...

i forget which episode, in which dana delaney played their dead mother (as a flashback). rose couldnt remember any memories of her mother.

one flashback scene was rose, as a very little girl and mom at the grocery store.

mom stopped at the spice rack and started telling her that she was named after rosemary, marjorie after marjoram, annie after anise and ginnie after ginger...

nice touching scene...