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The people are all so mean to Melinda

If someone came to me and said they saw my mom, dad, or nephew I would be thrilled. I certainty wouldn't be yelling at them and calling them a nutjob.

Maybe I am just more open and and not a funcrusher 🐭


I’ve seen spirits all my life. Pretty similar to how Melinda sees them. The thing is so many people don’t believe in them. I still have close family such as my parents and sister who don’t know I see spirits every day. I tried telling them when I was a kid and of course I was accused of lying. I remember vividly at age 3 or 4 trying to tell my mom and grandmother that they didn’t have to be sad about granddad dying because he was still there. I didn’t understand death but quickly learned not to talk about spirits as it upset people. My mom often scolded me saying not to dare mention her dad in front of my grandma because I would make her cry.

I’ve at times tried to pass on messages and often met with anger or looked at like I’m crazy. Only a few have accepted my message with open arms.

The thing is I don’t control who I see and they come to me like Melinda. So some who do believe me beg me to contact their loved one and I can’t. I can’t order a spirit to come or summon them. It doesn’t work that way. I’d love to spend time with my grandmother who died a few years ago but she has yet to visit me. Same with a best friend who died last year. So when people find out I can’t make their loved one come or visit in their mind I’m lying.

I admire how Melinda keeps at it. But I will say most spirits I see do not need help at all. They are just visiting and peeking in on us.


I wish I saw this sooner. I love everything you said. I have seen and heard them myself and my bf also sees them. I have not problem telling people. Luckily my family is open to it.


Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad your family is so open about it. I'm very open about it with my young adult kids and my husband. It took my husband years to accept it though. He humored me at first I think then he just couldn't help but see things. As we've been more open about it sometimes spirits can be more active like when my oldest started bringing her boyfriend around. He'd jump or startle a lot because he saw things out of the corner of his eye. Or a few times he was poked out because of a curious spirit. We all found it found pretty fun but it took him awhile to accept things too. I really do wish more would be open about it because death isn't an end at all. It's just another step in life.