Victory and Death


Wow! Just wow! What an amazing ending. Aside from the great action and drama, excellent acting from Ashoka and Rex.

And that last scene with Darth Vader thinking Ashoka is dead. You can sense the sadness in him. I almost cried!


It was pretty awesome. I'm not sure using this final season just to explain how Ahsoka and Rex and Maul survived the Order 66 ordeal was the best use of these episodes. It all felt like they were just filling in some dots to connect with Rebels and Solo and whatever else they have planned in the pipeline. Still, it was a good watch.


Not bad, excellent music especially in these last several episodes, though I feel a lot of the episode could have been more for a second last in the series type episode and not the finale. Too much escaping from the ship, not enough actual end of the Clone Wars. I wanted to see perspectives of the Republic to Galactic Empire transformation from other Clone Troopers, Jedi, Senators, not just Ahsoka and Rex.

The ending with Darth Vader was great though, but still makes me question why Anakin would still blindly follow Palpatine if he found out that Palpatine was playing both sides of the Clone Wars, Clone Order 66 Organic-Chip scandal, Palpatine failed to deliver Anakin the power to save Padme, and not to mention directed the invasion of Padme's planet of Naboo ten years earlier....

or does he never find out.


I agree that Maul may have not been necessary (though it was very good and enjoyable).

But we definitely needed more about Ashoka. Ashoka pretty much made Clone Wars and Season 5 did not give us much closure. While she did reappear in Rebels, it was not enough, IMO.

As for other Clone Troopers. We really didn’t need it. We saw it from ROTS. Rex seems to be the only one that had a different experience. The same for other Jedi. They got mostly wiped out. But adding some random surviving Jedi at this point, would be underwhelming. And with the Senators, we got all that in ROTS and their thunderous applause.

In short, there was very little that could be done about them. And the little that could be done, would not be interesting and it might involve underdeveloped characters or characters we’ve never seen.