Wow! What was that? I loved every minute of it!

Seeing the Jedi Council’s meeting from RTOS gave me goosebumps.

But hearing Anakin betraying the Jedi and Ashoka feeling it was just heartbreaking.

As always, Ashoka is a great and resourceful strategist.

Can’t wait for the finale!


I should also mention, props to the score! It worked almost flawlessly. It had the dark tone this series needs.

Reminded me of Blade Runner.


It had the dark tone this series needs.

it was concurrent with Revenge of The Sith Dark isnt always good

yes it emotional knowing Kanan and Cal were now branded as Fugitives well knowing were they were at during the Purge


Fantastic episode, and finally a clone that can actually think for themself. Just realized Palpatine would have been royally fracked if he hadn't installed those inhibitor chips in the Grand Army of the Republic.


It was absolutely incredible. The production of the whole thing was amazing. This is everything I always imagined a Star Wars tv show could be. They finally experimented with the pacing and tone of the series. Let it play out in a more stylized and cinematic way. I really hope this is the template they use moving forward with whatever they're cooking up next.