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What's wrong with those people?

I just had to stop watching the movie in the middle. It started to piss me off so much. What's wrong with those stupid screenwriters? Why is it necessary to blow up the plant in order to prevent it from being "recored" (who the hell even thought up that word?) WHEN THEY ALREADY KNOW WHERE THE CORES ARE TRANSPORTED IN? Take out the damn truck! Problem solved.

Whew. I feel much better now. Maybe now I can finish watching it...

... Maybe not.


You should have stayed to the end, when they blew up a PAINFULLY OBVIOUS EMPTY building with one screaming guy in it. They could have at least put some paper on the windows or something.

It looks like a warehouse for either spare atmosphere or future vacuum. More significant damage would have occurred had they blown up a few square meters of empty ocean.


Maybe I wasn't paying much attention (surprise!), but I thought they had redirected the missile to an empty, disused building.

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