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Wesley 'straight to video' Snipes

Oh where have you gone oh Wesley Snipes.
It felt like only yesterday you were kicking vampire booty.
Some thought that was bad but now your fans have many more gripes.
Off to the shadows where the misfit directors lie.
Your movies have gone the likes of Van Dam and Steven Segal.
You've sold your quality and talent for a piece of the pie.
I beseech you to contact Lions Gate, for they will welcome you into their arms
Soon you'll be back in your game, making films that we can enjoy.
I wouldn't think to low of you, or find this to be some kind of ploy.
So go Wesley, my Wesley of yore, to the castle of Lions Gate.
Hurry ye ol vampire killing day walker before it's too late.


What was THAT about? Really unneccesary. eh, and you spent time on it? Why? You must not be a fan. Oh, oh well.

"You keep on Ownen, and Ima' keep on Ownen, and We'll own together!"


actually the poem is not bad at all.

If I had a donkey I would give him some grass
If he dosent eat it I would bust a cap in his ass



Oh Wesley, oh Wesley,
you once were like Elvis Presley.
Singing loud a beautiful song,
often 90 minutes long.
Now, when you roll, there's no more rock
and we all think w.t.f.?!
And while Elvis has gone fat
all your movies turn out bad.

So here is my advice:
if you want to make things nice
I recommend a stricter diet
just to shut your critics quiet.
Make one movie every year
put some quality in gear
and some good jobs you will get
no more films you will regret!

All your fans - they'll sure come back
your career then back on track.
From every corner, every wing
they'll regard you as their King.


Le Freak = Le Genius

Well done man. Couldn't agree more.

Oh Wesley, where art thou?

Why am I Mr. Pink?


And please Wesley.............FILE YOUR TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great poems BTW

Forth, and fear no darkness!......King Theoden


We need more poems here!


Best thread ever

"He drank. He fought. He made his ancestors proud!"