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No Closed Captions and No subtiles

Most of all dvds have subtiles, but this one didn't. I am deaf and I didn't watch whole of this movie, and i tried listen to some of them but I cant.
But it weird because theres no closed caption too for this movie. IT my first time see the movie WITHOUT subtiles or CC.



That really sucks, and you should complain to the companies for not adding subtitles of any kind.

It's simply not right. I'd be really pissed too.


I get irritated with any DVD that cannot do the courtesy of either CC or subtitles. Ninety percent of the time you can't understand the dialogue because the actors mumble, or the "mood" music drowns it out, or they are playing games with peoples voices.

I find this lack of subtitles takes away my enjoyment of a film. It's hard to hear even if you are not hearing impaired!


It seems these movie makers and their cutting room floor FREAKS have watched it so manytimes and know every dang line that they sit at their mixing computer boards, and all give eachother a high five when they filter in the dolby surround theatre effects, as their lame butts lip sink the lines and spin in their puter chairs sucking down another donut.

Of course THEY can hear the lines...their butthead moves to the lines like a donkeys braying lips.

They ought to have the sense to hire a noob to sit and listen for the dialogue on a first viewing so they can key it up to a proper level. Wouldn't hurt if the idiots put it on a computer with 2 and 4 speakers setups respectively and see if their jackaloped editing hasn't doused the lines. Of course I'm sure they would be so into the "surreal surround explosions" and teacups hitting the floor, that the lines wouldn't get a second thought. Their chairs are probably vibrating, or they have on a $500.00 pair of headphones, so real world is so far from their tiny pinheaded thoughts that Trump himself ought to come in, smack em down, and fire them.

It's basic, and they cannot handle it. Hard to get anything but morons running things nowadays.


That is ubelievable, though it is consistant with everything else about the film. i.e. no thought was given on any level, though I am surpised, the direct equvalent is having no sound. Consideration does not come into it, it is quite simply a nessecity. However should they have provided CC and subtitles I fear you would have been sorely dissappointed aswell. I hope you complain as that kind of neglegence deserves an answer and apoligies.


OHH NOO! lol


Learn to read lips?
That's a really ignorant thing to say man. (And looking at the way you write, it's probably age-related.)

But seriously, how about the times when the actor's lips aren't visible? And do you think a somewhat older person who goes deaf has any chance to become a half-decent lipreader?

This just happens to be a really crappy movie so a deaf or blind person wouldn't be missing much, now that I come to think of it this thing might just improve when you mute the sound, or turn the brightness all the way down. For energy conservation purposes it may be better to switch the damned thing off altogether. Or to look for a better movie.

The SADDEST thing about this film, now that we're talking about subtitles, is the fact that all these russian/chechen people speak english with a (laughable) russian accent, probably because the intended audience is illiterate, or just can't be bothered to read the text.

Can you insult your viewers any more than that?

If you publish a movie in a country where people mainly speak language A, and the story requires actors to speak languages A, B and C, you either need subtitles for the other two languages, or you need to make sure that all the necessary information for your audience is conveyed in language A.

Do NOT make them speak in fake accents, unless you're:
- making a children's program intended for the youngest viewers,
- going for that cheesy Austin Powers-feel, or
- just making sure your work doesn't get shown in a real cinema, ever.
- an accomplished director who can get away with it (Schindler's List)

Yes, I feel like taking revenge for the 100 minutes they stole from me. Imagine paying for this blob of dog's vomit!

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, does not go away. -Philip K. Dick


After being forced to watch this movie, i kinda envy you. The acting and dialogue were just so damn bad that my ears started to bleed and my eyes melted. I think my IQ lowered by several dozen points after watching this.

Oh well. I used to love watching Wesley Snipes movies (like Rising Sun, etc) but after this and 7 Seconds, I think its time to re-evaluate my actor preferences. Unfortunately i feel that he is following in Steven Segal's footsteps now and not really caring about what types of roles he's playing.

Just my $0.02 worth.

End of Line...


I saw the movie on USA today and it had Closed Captioning, so if want to enjoy this movie U have a better change at seeing it on cable tv


I was going to make the same comment. It's on USA right now (I'm recording it).

They mostly come out at night . . . mostly . . .


FYI The region 2 version that I am watching right now has English subs (as well as well as Arabic, Dutch and French).


Got this in quebec... not sure if they got the wrong dvd or what, but box said voices where...

English, Portuguese, Spanish FRENCH and Thai...

pretty much add the same for subtiles with Korean and Chinese too....

In the end the movie is in english with no subs... wow, what a screw up... thanks to my great knowledge i can understand english... but really annoys me when im expecting to watch a movie in french and it ain't...

Alice is the worst character of all time, she need to die in the last movie. Chris/Jill are RE !!!