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'The Marksman' or 'The Painter'?

There are plenty of things wrong with this movie, but most blatantly obvious is that Wesley Snipes is NOT a marksman! Sure, he shoots a few guys, but his character is referred to throughout the movie as "The Painter" (he "paints" targets for airstrikes by planting tracking devices). Surely this was originally called "The Painter" before somebody decided that was too wussy?

At least giving it a wussy name would have made it stand out. It was exactly like a stupid Dolph Lungren or Van Damme movie from 1989, with stereotypical Russians (all speaking to each other in English) involved in a nonsensical nuclear plot. Overall, it sucks.

But there were plenty of things that made me laugh in the movie:
*The Ranger Captain's voice is comically overdubbed.
*Some of the US military personnel have British or Australian accents.
*When the Rangers move out in formation they are pointing their guns at each other.
*The ridiculous satellite image analysis machine has its name spelt "ANALISYS".
*Emma Sams.

To summarise, The Marksman misses its target.


See what i mean?...If you are creative...this movie almost becomes funny!


"Some of the US military personnel have British or Australian accents."

No, they are Nato.

Horrible movie, just horrible. Sound effects of people walking was if not the best atleast the funniest. I love the scene where Snipes walks in army boots. The sound enginner interpretated it like he's clapping away like a coconut marching band.


It's not Nato, it's NATO. You lost your credibility.
Furthermore, it's not "best atleast," but "best, at least." Get it?! Try not to be semi-illiterate! You also spelled a word wrong in the last sentence, & had awkward grammar. Are you in 3rd grade?

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lol actually it was called "The Painter" before, it was listed on here as that to. That name would made it seem a little more artsy and well....better than it was.


At least spell Emma Samms's name correctly.