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The Marksman vs Behind Enemy Lines II

I read alot of opinions about these two movies, now honestly I love both of them, but these movies were trashed by the viewing population, so may I asked the people who watched both movies: Which movie is better, or suck less because you can compare these two identical movies a million and one ways
but I will only name a few lol

The Marksman and Behind Enemy Lines II:

Are both low-budget direct to DVD movies
Both depict Special Operations Forces (SEALs & Green Berets)
the plot contains neutralizations of a nuclear complex in both movies
both movies contain certain characters jumping sides

The Flaws:

The Marksman: Equipment and guns looked a bit trashy & unkept
BEL 2: The shaking camera during shooting scenes was very unpleaseant

So please think hard and decide

thank you for your opinions and feedback


Eight years later what am I to decide? Worst or worster? With years to deliberate I call it a very dead heat.