Redemption? (spoilers)

There isn't much redeeming about Bruno at first, but then when you look harder there are some revealing aspects. He could have easily lied to his children accomplices. It was only after being beaten that he finally is about to take all the loot and leave the kid with nothing. But I bet he would have decided against that. This kid is taken to jail and Bruno confesses to the crime. That shows there is something of a human in him. I wondered about his motives on buying the baby back. I didn't know if it was compassion or something else. As far as the end scene goes, that may be his only way of admitting he was wrong, or maybe it is just for her benefit. What do you think?


I believe he was finally sorry for something, whether it being the fact he ended up in jail and was upset about that OR truly sorry he was such a scumbag to her and their child.
Open for interpretation, who knows. He really was trash.



In spite of his apparent callousness regarding Jimmy it is clear that Bruno cares about Sonia and Steve, the boy arrested by the police. So tenderness and possibility for love have not been killed in him.

In terms of redemption I'm not sure that what we see happen would be enough to redeem Bruno from his life of crime once released from prison. I felt so sorry for him in the last scene but fearful because there seems so little for him beyond prison.

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