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How accurate is this movie about social conditions in Belgium?

Maybe, being an American, I have a rosy view of Western Europe but I found the depiction of Belgium in this film very hard to believe.

Now, I've never been there- but a black market for babies? Really? In that country, in this day and age? I could believe that in China or Guatemala but in a first world nation?

Now, maybe it happens on occasion. If life teaches you anything, it is that any f---ed up s--- can happen once in a while, anywhere in the world that you are. Sure, I get that.

But a whole black market devoted to illegal adoptions? That stretches all credibility.

And the depiction of the small town Bruno and Sonia are from also doesn't convince me. It's a bit crappy, ok, but hardly seems to be a ghetto. Not a place that would be overrun with awful hoods like Bruno. Of which there must be very few, if any.

The filmmakers are criticizing social conditions and saying that Bruno was made a monster by society but, Jesus Christ, Belgium has welfare and public education and job training. He could easily have done something with his life, right? He didn't need to steal at all to survive. There is no excuse in a society that provides options.



Is that really the point?- whether one can have justified excuses? Because I think dardenne brothers are interested in what actually does happen rather than what should happen. Its a strange way to talk about evil. And its not as simple as saying society has made him evil. He has both evil and good in him. But what does that mean when both are sjownto such extremes in one individual?


you can find similar people everywhere...
in europe... in the usa... everywhere

hard to estimate the size of the city, but in belgium the most towns are quite small...
though it mustnt be this one

also... they never said that there is a huge marked for babies,
but i am sure you will find in every country pairs which are not able to get babies
and would like to have one.
some of them are surely that desperate that they would buy a baby on a black market.
such criminals who would sell everything can also be found in every country on the world.

it doesnt matter where this story plays