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Prison Break season 1 guards were pretty awesome, minus Bellick and Geary.

So I'm rewatching season one and I gotta say I love the C.O's who were basically just minor characters but were enjoyable to watch nonetheless like stolte, Lewis, Mac and others so I was basically curious if any of you have a favorite C.O? Mine would be Stolte because on top of being respectful for the most part especially to Lincoln he's also very funny in fact I just watched the episode "By the skin and the Teeth" and he had one of the most hilarious lines geared towards Bagwell regarding a question about a Football player that T-Bag didn't know the answer to and Stolte remarked with "I bet if I asked you what his a** looked like you would know" lmao. Lewis was pretty cool as well ( The C.O who screwed the secretary in the P.I room.)