really good movie

i dont see why a lot of people dont like this movie...i thought it was one of the best movies i have ever seen. if you havent seen it, you should definetly watch it. great plot great everything.



why do you think it was so terrible? the sharks didnt look that bad...they looked pretty real to me, and the actors did i great job. i thought the plot was unique and really played out well.


O.o I did not just hear that. OMG This is the best movie ever!! . . . NOT.

Sharks were so eugh. x_x You barely even saw them chomp on people! When you have a shark movie, you have to at least show one guy getting chomped on without a wave splashing up or another shark just cruising on by.

Actors?! AH HA! HA! You're making me laugh, seriously. If you even call that acting. The plot was NOT unique, for it was just like any other shark movie! There was NOTHING. Zip, nada. I only laugh at the idiots who scream for mercy and try to act as if they're going through painful death, but instead I'm going through a painful death because I'm thinking about how their friends must have deserted them for being so stupid.

Sawagirl . . . let me ask you something : Have you ever seen ANY of the Jaws movies besides J:The Revenge? Or any shark movie? Or how about a shark book? Ever get one of those? You'd understand why we hate this movie so much.

I think it's great if you're with your buddies and you want to make fun of ABC Family for proudly showing this. If you want to take it seriously saying it WAS a really good movie . . . well, you haven't exactly seen many movies.

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It was not the best movie i have ever seen, but i did enojoy it. I am a huge shark fanatic and i think the sharks looked pretty real(for the most part)I thought the actors(esp. Riley Smith) did a great job. I don't think this movie is going to win any oscars, but it is a great summer flick.



were you joking?


^to the original poster


That was kind of rude just because somebody really like this movie I have seen

every shark movie some good and some bad and some just why was it made film this

movie I actually liked I love the Jaws movies expect number 4 what was worse

about Jaws 4 was how on DVD and VHS the way they killed shark by expolding was

the worse thing I seen but on tv the shark get's impaled which was a lot better

in then blowing up for no reason honest if Jaws got revenge on Brody family then

the shark should just eat everybody and you can't polish a turd that movie

was I have the Original Jaws book which is great read that is why Spring Break

Shark Attack is a tv movie had it went on dvd which it has but had it non

been showed on TV or made into a Tv movie had it went to DVD before airing

had the movie been rated R with the most graphic FX but since it's a tv movie

then they could not show half of realistic attacks on people I love shark films

even the ones that are horrible after so many years of rewatching a film I did

not like in fact after this movie was made FL was hit by a lot shark sighting

after this movie was made in tv movies you can't show a lot on dvd if your lucky

enough to find an uncut unrated film being showing what could not be shown on

tv in the 70's there was a lot TV Movie of the week horror films some did not

show you enough stuff but yes I find it rude to say she must not of seen other

films or read books why does it matter the fact she actually likes it I tell you

I have no respect for rude people telling somebody what they like is wrong and

what they should see instead of a movie that find good or great or even bad

I have seen so many bad films and I forget the names of them I love any film

that does not rip off Jaws which I seen plenty of them I think any movie

they should just name them we ripped off Jaws now watch us Shark movies have

been pretty much done to death and some ideas were bad ideas this not one

of them there were some moment of bad acting or flaws no film I have ever

seen is the most perfect film I love shark films but I am scared to death

of sharks and while I watch a shark movie respectful Josh


it was one of the better tv movies that i've seen,, i liked it,,
are you going to bark all day little doggie,, or are you going to bite


I'd say it'sone of the best movies I've seen- on SyFy!!! (and renaming the channel "SyFy" was stupid....) This wasn't great, but entertaining. I'm actually watching it again right now. Sometimes these low-budget movies are just fun. And I like that the sharks aren't crazy huge CG monsters leaping all over and doing things that are just impossible. Another movie I've seen on SyFy that was good fun is Abominable (where they refer to the monster as "Squatch"- that's become a common term in our house ever since we firsst saw it about 4 years ago).

I think those movies are not ones made by SyFy, but ones that are probably direct-to-video types of things. By far better than Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, or Giant Pirhana, or a lot of others that I've seen.


It was far from a great movie, but by Sci Fi standards, it was a good movie. The plot was simple and straightforward. The sharks looked real. The acting was descent--certainly far better than I expected in a Sci Fi Channel movie. The special effects were convincing enough. Of course it lacked originality, but did anyone seriously expect that? Overall, I was not disappointed. Certainly I've seen far worse outings from the Sci Fi Channel.

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