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Underrated DC characters that should get the big screen treatment?

Curious for any one who actually likes DC characters (For people who ONLY like Marvel and feels the need to trash anything DC related, you do not have to answer) what would be a more obscure character in the DC catalog that would make for a good movie? I personally would like to see a Plastic Man film, is an anti hero, a thief and the character himself is more interesting than his name suggest . I would have liked Lobo as well but I just do not think he will find his public as it might be too close to the Hellboy type of character.


Zatanna. She's one of DC's best female solo characters, after Wonder Woman, and I'd love to see DC do a superhero film set around magic.

Also, I'd truly love to see a Metamorpho film but only if they stick to the original iterations of the characters. Knowing my luck, WB will adapt the more updated versions, like they sadly seem to be doing with The Cheetah right now. If only we were getting all these DC films back in the 1990s when studios and filmmakers weren't so bound to adhere to a certain cultural agenda...

I'd like to see Lobo on the big screen too, but I think he'd work best as a supporting character in another Justice League featuring Darkseid as the Big Bad.


Ho YES Metamorpho would be great but I agree only if they stick to the real origin and not the new 52 take on him.


Zatanna definitely.

Martian Manhunter -- could be great.

The Atom -- a more serious version of Ant-Man.

Red Tornado?


Martian Manhunter

Booster Gold


Captain Atom