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Early estimates have this at $400m WW

Top critics and scientists are forecasting another winner with Shazam!

Right now the RT score stands at:

92% and 90%, it appears that the majority of the World prefers Shazam over the mediocre movie Captain Marvel.

Also there are no reports of DC buying tickets to inflate the numbers.

More updates to follow...


Please Bubba, you've GOT to up your troll game. You're getting lazier, and lazier, and lazier

Wash, rinse, repeat.


I actually doubled checked to see if this was someone who cloned your screen name.

I couldnt imagine even you stooping this low...

I then thought about it for a second and kinda understand where you are coming from...

Your in Pain, You werent expecting this kind of result...with Great reviews, Its clear you,queen and other DC fans were expecting big things from Shazam

and now your faced with a pretty shocking 53 Million OW and the realization, DC couldnt even match Marvels weakest franchise and character in AM1...

I mean hell forget AM2....Shazam isnt even going to be able to match AM1...

so while on the surface this thread almost seems unbelievable that you could stoop this low, once I thought about it, I understand your pain and reason for doing it.

It cant be easy seeing Shazam struggle to Maybe TOP 500 Million while stuck in the middle of Marvel Studios producing A 1 Billion + Captain Marvel film and Then A 2 Billion + Endgame....

It cant be Easy knowing that Marvel Studios was able to Have Much Greater Success with first time Debuting Characters than DC.

I'm sure you,queen and others were looking at films Like GOTG,Doctor Strange,Ant-Man, Black Panther and Captain Marvel and thinking "Hey These were debuting characters, Many of which were LESS KNOWN than Shazam, theres no reason why Shazam couldnt have The kind of success Marvel Studios had"

lol unfortunately though ...It just wasnt in the cards...despite everything going right, despite great reviews and coming off a huge success in Aquaman....DC just couldnt come close to the Success Marvel Studios had with thier debuting characters...

so while I still think this thread is stunningly Low and quite shameful...I at least understand it...You kinda had your world rocked this weekend and this is your way of dealing with the fact that you now know DC simply cant compete with even Marvels Weakest franchise, You now know, DC simply cant have the same success as Marvel with Debuting characters...


based the box office I see....

a total of 450 to 500 Million seems to be the landing spot for Shazam....

lol Doctor Strange money is simply a Delusion at this point.


Someones dreaming.

Shazam! will come nowhere near the lofty heights of Doctor Strange.

It has to contend with Missing Link and Hellboy next week which whilst neither are going to make the Box Office explode with expectancy, both will suck interest away from Shazam!

And then it has just under 2 weeks to scrape up all the loose change it can when a certain MCU movie steamrollers in and annihilates everything in its path.....

I think Warner Bros and DC were hoping for something a little larger on opening weekend to offset those factors.


I think $400m is still doable. Although it might fall a little bit short.


Just don't see how that's possible. It has marginally more theatres than Captain Marvel but is pulling in half each day, and it's down to 2500 theatres in the US and nearly out the top ten and has another $45million to go to hit $400million.

Foreign, it seems to be done now, I just don't see how its mathematically possible for it to hit $400million at this point.


Called this one.

Now at $359million and out of the domestic top ten, no way is this hitting $400million now.

Sure it will draw a profit, but I think Warner Bros was expecting a bit higher opening based on the reviews.

Not a bad movie, but utterly hamstrung by its release date.


Being released soon after Captain Marvel was a not a smart move by the studio. This would be a better fall film I think.


This is bound to have a long and healthy life on home media.


For sure, the WOM is awesome for this flick.


[–] QueenFanUSA (1806) 12 hours ago
This is bound to have a long and healthy life on home media.
Bound to how? Based on what? Media sales are increasingly dropping with streaming being on the rise. Why do you think that Home Media sales will be healthier than the release Box office or are you just saying Shazam! will see the usual and customary DVD and Blu-Ray sales with nothing extra-ordinary?

DVD rentals are down. Legal and not-exactly-legal streaming is on the rise. There doesn't seem to be a pent-up demand to run out and buy Shazam! by any demographic, more than usual. Shazam! didn't have legs and it remains to be seen even if Alita: Battle Angel will see any such a stimulus for Home Media ownership.

Shazam! will get a sequel but as a comic-book property it isn't demonstrating any real growth interest. Maybe if WB actually invested in the Marvel family they might pique some interest but otherwise Warner is going to have to offer something to get Home Media purchases to swell.

The extended "family" of Captain Marvel, which includes the Captain himself, his sister Mary (Mary Marvel) and his best friend Freddy Freeman (Captain Marvel, Jr.). All three members share similar costumes, powers and abilities.

Here is what Aquaman is doing to date:

Est. Domestic DVD Sales $8,895,367
Est. Domestic Blu-ray Sales $32,470,078

Total Est. Domestic Video Sales $41,365,445

You think Shazam! will do better than that or at least equal?


Not even close to $400 Million but Shazam! did very well for an IP that few people knew about. It will get a sequel but not sure how much of a production budget that Warner is really willing to risk.


It's $356m on 5th weekend, should get to $380m. Not big budget so it's profitable. Sequel?


"Not big budget so it's profitable."



You bet. Already in the works.


More profitable than Ant-Man or Ant-Man and the Wasp?
Does it add to the whole of a shared universe?
Does it create characters that have cross-over appeal for future films?


$360½m on 7th weekend, will end up under $365m.