Top 10 Music Docs

In no particular order:
Slow Century (Pavement)
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (Wilco)
We Jam Econo (Minutemen)
Drive Well, Sleep Carefully (Death Cab For Cutie)
Tour Film (R.E.M.)
Kill Your Idols (No Wave/Noise/Art Punk)
The Devil and Daniel Johnston (Daniel Johnston)
DiG! (Brian Jonestown Massacre/Dandy Warhols)
With Strings - Live at Town Hall (Eels)
Meeting People Is Easy (Radiohead)


What about Seal you a**hole!


Also in no particular order:

American Hardcore (history of..)
Punk: Attitude (history of punk)
7 Ages of Rock (BBC mini-series, not sure if it counts)
Joy Division (story of Joy Division)
Be77er Living Through Circuitry (story of techno through about '98)
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Afro Punk (black people in the punk scene, though it manages to transcend that and use it, maybe inadvertantly, to relate to other bigger issues; very underrated)
New York Doll (about Arthur Kane, notably his Mormonism and reunion with the New York Dolls)
Refused are *beep* Dead (story of Refused and their eventual disbanding)

I love Meeting People is Easy (and Radiohead of course) but found it a little boring. DiG! was good also but I just didn't care about the subject matter, though the story was interesting.

We Jam Econo was just barely kept off this list. I would've loved for the doc to've gone on longer, so I could see what happened after D. died. Did the other members try to look for another member? Did they form other bands? What of the funeral? I knew nearly nothing about the Minutemen going into the film, but almost immediately I could tell something was amiss with D's absent modern-day interviews. I thought maybe they had a falling out, but as the story progressed and still we saw they all got along fine, I feared (and was correct) that D. had passed. The story felt a little "incomplete" to me. As if it ended too abruptly.

I tend to stay from concert films unless I really like the group. I would never put one in a Top 10 list. When I think "documentary" I think of a narrator, of educating myself and expanding knowledge. Pure concert footage doesn't really meet that criteria for me. Though a concert film is technically a doc, much of its appeal to the viewer depends on the viewer's opinion of the music. Not necessarily the case with a non-concert film documentary. For instance, you can not care much about 60s British Invasion, but still watch the doc to inform yourself on music history and how the Brtish Invasion had influence on music that came after it.

Anyway good list Tomata_Du_Ignorant, there's a few on there I really wanna check out (Kill Your Idols, Drive Well Sleep Carefully, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart). Keep rockin', haha.

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I'd toss End of the Century somewhere on there.

Punk rock web series: