Fans Wanted

Hi! Are you a fan of the Australian comedy duo Lano and Woodley? They did a tv series of 13 episodes (usual for britcom type length), a book called Housemeeting, a cd called Lano and Woodley Sing Songs, they appear on Australian tv quite a lot, and they also did live performances, two of which are on dvd... I assume you know who they are since you're on this forum.

Have you heard of them? It's really hard to find fellow fans, especially ones who want to talk.
Well, there's a fanforum.

We're at 292 members right now. We'd love more.
You don't have to be a major fan or something, to join. You could have just enjoyed seeing one of them on some tv show. Members of all ages, male and female, are welcome too. Foreigners who want to know more are also very welcome to join and ask.

The forum also talks about other comedians, and off topic stuff. - the forum!
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