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Coming to DVD THIS FALL!!!!

This past Saturday, on the President of the We Love Lucy Fanclub, Tom Watson's internet radio show, "Star Notes" (broadcasting from, Dann Cahn, "I Love Lucy"/"The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour"'s film editor, was the special guest.

Tom started discussing this film, commonly reffered to as "The 'I Love Lucy' Movie" (Dann rediscovered this "lost" film back in '01). Tom announced that the "The 'I Love Lucy' Movie" will most likely be released in late September or early October. The DVD will definitely be out before Christmas.

Gregg Oppenheimer, who produced the ILL DVDs (Seasons 1-6), is working on this release, and currently searching the CBS/Paramount vaults for bonus features to include on the DVD. Gregg told me a few years back, I believe around May of 2004, that he was restoring this film and preparing it for a DVD release and/or a TV network airing, so it's been "in the works" for a few years now.

"The 'I Love Lucy' Movie" had originally been planned to be released as part of the "Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" DVD set, as a bonus feature. However, for the producers to add the "ILL Movie" to the DVD release, there would have been a two month delay for the DVD release of the LDCH set. So instead, it was decided that the "ILL Movie" would have its own DVD release.

More information on "The 'I Love Lucy' Movie" HERE:


Here is some updated information on the box set which is scheduled for release on Oct. 23, 2007


I saw the DVD for sale at HMV and Best Buy. Had no idea they made a movie. Well, three episodes put together with new footage.

Hope it doesn't take nearly 50 years before ROBOTECH: THE MOVIE can get a good home video release.

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I've scored all the ILL seasons either used or cheap... And apparently this DVD was initially only available in the super ultra deluxe mega box set...
And I found this DVD at Big Lots for 5 bucks. So I lucked out all across the board.
However, I agree with the reviewer here. Watching three different disjointed Lucy episodes disguised as a full length movie was a cheap excuse to make a "major motion picture." All the hard work was already done on the TV show...
It reminds me of those WB movies... (101 Rabbit Tales, The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner movie..) Where they just take snippets of different cartoons and try to make some semblance of sense out of it. Hodgepodge films like this rarely if ever work.
HOWEVER... The "behind the scenes" footage is very educational. I saw a taping of a sit-com last year, and it's done JUST like the Lucy show... Nearly 60 years ago. Same camera set ups, audience seating... The whole thing is virtually the same.

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