je suis un peu perdue

hello, i am currently studying in paris and just went to see this film at the cinema today, where, of course, it played with no subtitles. my french is pretty good but i definitely missed a lot of the diaglogue, i was wondering a few things about the plot:

- does one of their friends kill himself, the first letter?
- who is the girl that lilie has lunch with
- what happens between lilie and the painter, is that why francois is crying in bed that night? if not why was he crying?
- why does lilie go to america, only to work? does she plan on returning?
- on the couch that night, was that the first time they met?

answers would be greatly appreciated! thank you thank you lovelove


1) I don't get your first letter thing. In the 1st letter (the one addressed to the rich guy)one of the friends, the one who was offered money, states that he will never see the rich guy again because he is a 'bourgeois' and not tevolutionary at heart. This hppens after the rich one told the other one that he had 'bought' his own revolution with money.

2)Apparently Lilie has luncg with her best friend, whom she had not seen for a long time.

3)a)Lilie and the sculptor (because that's what he is) have a biearre relationship. He alludes to the fact that should her live with him, she could meet people in the art business, and that otherwise she will not make a carreer. They don't have an affair, but

3) she goes to America to follow him and be a sculptress. She can't work as she has no license, and she doesn't live withthe sculptor. This is still pretty obscure for me. She facces a dillema : her passion for her lover or for being a sculptress. We don't know if she plans on returning.

4) Yes, it was the 1st time they met, because their whole discussion is about who told her about him.

3)b)François says he had a nightmare and dreamt that she had dumped him. She reassures him and says that will never happen.

hopes this helps,


thank you/does he die at the end?




Francois does die in the end...
the scene is narrated by Lilie, you see the police officer taking his pulse, and saying that he is deceised, and the voice of Lilie narrates over:"Francois thought that the police officer was talking rubbish/ making a mistake, but he wasnt really sure because he had just made a mistake himself" (i.e. comitting suicide)...


Item 3

Lilie says she wants to sleep with the painter, Francois tells her to go ahead, she comes back to bed later and says the painter had a very small penis.

Item 4

The sculptor she goes to America with is a different person from the painter. I think it's left open whether she sleeps with him or not, my impression was that she does.

Item 5

They met for the first time on the couch, but remember seeing each other during the riots.

Otherwise as the previous contributor noted.

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