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It's one of those war films where people are reunited, having an emotional discussion and then get shot

I think this happens like 20 times in this film alone
Basically, anytime someone starts talking and laughing or having an emotional moment, you know that fellow is going to get killed - lol

Usually war films use that maybe once or twice - in this film, it happens like 20.
Yep - that really stood out for me, but not in a good way. If they cut down those 'sudden deaths during a chat' by 90 percent, this film would have been pretty decent.

As things stand - with that cheesy 'emotional death' done so many times in a row, I can't give this film a high score. Heck, there are so many characters, most of whom die during those chats before being able to say a few lines - lol - that most of them were nothing but cannon fodder and we got to know very few, if any, characters at all.