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Even do it was funny... I didn´t like the preference to Po

I never liked that the Po became the chosenone wihtout doing a *beep* and this is something I don´t like of almost every mamrtial arts film. I´ve been practicing martial arts all my life and I have trained so hard to be good at it, but here Po came from nowhere and had to many preferences over the other students, in this movie I kind of routed for the tiger because she trained so hard but she was never treated like the leopard or Po. What would have been cool is that the panda was so dedicated even do he was not naturally as skillfull as the tiger, monkey, etc, you know a natural warrior... but he was so lazy, he became the best in just to little time, without making even half of the effort the other five did in their entire life, and none of them got the same treatment... In the ancient shaolin temple, they tried to show you that there is no such thing as the chosenone or something like that, you had to start from the buttom and learn that in this life you earn what you deserve, this is what I learned from Kung Fu...
That´s what I liked Animes like Naruto or Dragon Ball. Naruto and Goku never recived the treatment Po had, they had to create their own pad, they were never protected neither they took an easy way, their lifes were so hard but they were natural warriors and they finally became so powerfull thanks to all their training and dedication over the years. Thats the message I wan´t from a kung fu or any martial arts movie, if it was so easy anybody could do it, you have to train and earn what you deserve


Po did have the heart of the dragon warrior. Po was trained based on his size and abilities instead of like everyone else. Po's attitude as well as his physical appearance was able to counter the enemies attacks because he was physically different. The furious Five was doing good in the battle until the nerve strikes which didn't affect Po.

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Po did train at martial arts and became a great fighter, it's just that Shifu had to figure out Po's motivation to turn him into a fighter. The dragon warrior was the only one who could beat Tai-Lung and none of the five could; hence they couldn't have been the dragon warrior. I don't see where you're getting that Po got special treatment though, none of them were kind to him at first and they really didn't believe in him nor did he himself.


I think I can understand your opinion, here. You've worked very hard for your skills, obviously, and to have somebody suddenly erupt from the woodwork as 'The Chosen One' would be galling. I believe you're looking at this from the same point of view as the Furious 5, who have worked all their lives to be the best Kung Fu masters in the world, only to find out that the Dragon Warrior has never done a full day's training in his life.

In the real world, where there are no supernatural attacks or defenses, and Kung Fu experts fight only with skill, flesh, and bone, it would be almost certain that the warrior who had worked hardest would come out as the best.

This is a fantasy movie, though, where certain people are 'chosen' from birth, regardless of their actual background or training. As has been mentioned on this post, Po had a natural, untrained ability to resist Tai Lung's devastating nerve attacks - and this ability did not come as the result of any discipline or training on Po's part.

As you are obviously aware, this could never happen in a realistic setting. If everything you say about your own training is true, I would just suggest you enjoy the movie FOR its unreality, and if you ever discuss it with any students you may train, remind them that it's just a fantasy. It's just for fun.

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