Head trauma is right

Sure, it's a horror movie so we already know people are going to do stupid things, but head trauma is about the only thing that explains all the dumb ass things George does.

(spoiler alert)

Let's see:

- tries to move into an obviously nearly worthless abandoned home to fix it up and sell it, apparently to blind people
- builds a tent on the floor in the middle of a room to sleep in when there's already a mattress in a bedroom, so it's much easier to be snuck up on
- thinks you can use BUCKETS to get water out of a completely flooded basement
- finds weird disturbing things in almost every room, has nightmares every night, admits he's terrified, but stays anyway because he's a glutton for punishment. I mean how crappy was his former life that this is an upgrade?!
- has his house condemned by the inspector, and STILL DOESN'T LEAVE.
- stalks a girl he knew 20 years ago, presumably because no one else can stand him, even bringing pie to her house in the middle of the night

(Note: I was SO glad she threw him out, thank God not every character is an idiot)

- assaults a guy and "doesn't care" even though he's facing a potential lawsuit
- watches a girl accidentally hang herself in a freak accident and decides to cover it up instead of going to the police immediately

Seriously, George was boring and annoying and I was kind of hoping for him to die. This movie did some good stuff with the sound effects and music, and I was getting excited when he kept finding hair and stains on the floor, but they really did nothing with it. Unfortunate. The only suspense was wondering which horror trope they were going to use, the "mysterious menacing guy was actually the lead character all along" or the "everything is only happening in his head after the accident".

Even at my most generous, I can't give this movie more than a 6. Come on, a faceless guy in an oversized parka is supposed to be terrifying! Some of you people honestly need to watch more horror if you think this is brilliant, and I mean that in the nicest way.


-Uses a flashlight inside the house, even though there is obviously electrical power since the porch light is always on.

I'm aware that it's just a movie. There's no need to remind me.