Will China save this bomb?

before release the fantrolls were wordy.

Waxing lyrical about the word of mouth, anticipation.

It flopped domestically, Europe it flopped, Japan hated it and rightly so.

China on the other hand has had a strong couple of weeks due to CGI and shiny colours on screens. It made $113,184,719 in China!

That looks awesome on paper and the fantrolls are wetting their panties over it.

BUT and thats a big BUT, $113,184,719 Chinese sheckles only transfers to around $29 million earned for the studio.

So do you fantrolls think that China, whom any other given Sunday you could not give a single shite about.

Will this China who you suddenly care about this one time, will China save this pile of crap from being a total failure?


It's not a bomb. It has already made back it's money and then some.


It needs $500 million just to break even kid.

And you forget that money made in China, the studio only receives about 25% of the Chinese sheckles.

It could make $1 Billion in China. Fucking amazing right. Nope that trnsfers to around $250 million


I've heard several numbers ranging between $350-$500 million, and it has passed $350 now.


I dont know how good your reading comprehension is but most of that $350 has come from foreign box office. A big chunk has come from China.

Again, they only collect 25% of those Chinese dabloons.

So no they are not making bank and it hasn't broke even yet.

Thats why domestic is so important because the studio does collect a big chunk of those takings. Foreign markets a big number looks good on paper but they lose a large percentage of the box office.

$100 million earned in China is not the same as $100 million earned domestic.


If its making most of the money from China it will have to make well over $500 million just to break even because of the percentage they lose on the takings.

Not hard to understand.


Incorrect. Implying that it is a "Bomb" means that it didn't break even (it needs $340 million to break even), which it already has so if we take into account it's current total which is $382 million and we can speculate that it will make at least another $50-$100 million over this weekend from people who haven't seen it, re-viewings and people seeing it to spite Captain Marvel, it will have roughly $430 million - $510 million.

Add the fact that it's still not out of theatres yet and it just got an extra month in China so yeah, I'd say it has already broken even, will make a profit and a sequel is likely.

Quit the childish insults, it just makes you look dumber.


The firgure that wildly moves from $350-$500 million moves for a reason.

A film that takes $350 million at the box office does not bring in exactly $350 million back to the studio.

Everybody is taking a their cut before it gets there.

Now the number $500 million is based on if its making the money back in China who take a bigger cut of the box office compared to domestic.

$350-500 million is not some bullshit figure, its depndant on where the box office is coming from and how much of a cut is being taken before it gets back to the studio.

It hasnt broke even yet because the majority has come from overseas and mainly China


Why would Japan hate it?


Japan only likes anime.


But I have seen this Alita thing was an anime


This one is live action.


mitzibishi thinks he’s a financial analyst because he read a “Variety” article once and understood some of it.

Please share more wisdom about why films succeed or fail, oh Hollywood insider...



You dont understand plain and simple math.

$350 million box office does not translate to $350 million directly back to the studio. Especially when a big chunk is earned in China.

Its not that hard to understand.


Not sure at this rate. They've been pretty tightlipped about the marketing budget.


Talking about "fantrolls" while posting in a 100% trollish manner... typical projection.

And in your trollish language you can't even spell shekel correctly.

Dullard alert!


>you can't even spell shekel correctly.

CHinese spellling dingleberry


I don't care how well a movie does at the box office. All I care about is whether I personally like it or not.


For me the only motivation to watch box office is to see if they will get to make a sequel.